Thursday, March 09, 2006

Poorly played by all.

According to a well written article by the Anchoress the Dubai port deal wasn't handled well by anyone. I wouldn't argue with that, politics being what it is.

However, I see a dangerous subtext of elitism (not pointing any fingers, but feel free to self examine. I'm a great believer in daily self examination.) The smart people know that the deal would have been a good one and not threatened our security. Those uneducated American citizen's should just shut up. Right? Wrong! The people of this country understand something that smart people are willing to diminish in value relative to other considerations (with a great deal of intellectual analysis)... Ports are among a relatively short list of central issues essential to security and putting any foreign nation (no matter how friendly) in a position of control, weakens our security. To argue that they are not doing security or responsible for security misses the point.

Security risks result from access. The inside job doesn't require total access, just enough to observe and exploit a weakness. We're an open society and have lot's of security weaknesses. That's not an excuse to just keep piling on more. Especially in an area that is among the central points of the security issue such as ports.

In my opinion, we are going to get nuked. I'm seeing two scenarios. One is a sea-launch off both coasts of emp nukes. The other are ships exploding at our ports. This deal may have nothing to do with either of these scenarios. OTOH, this deal might have made them more likely. I and many other Americans would rather err on the side of caution.

Another issue. How is our friendly ally responding to the news? It's understandable that they are upset. But should they respond with threats? What kind of friend responds with threats? We were attacked and are now in a gurilla war. The rest of the world, friends and foes alike, need to come to terms with the fact that we take responsibity for our own security. Anybody that doesn't like it can stuff it. American's are a generous (in many facets of the term) and friendly people with no ambitions of imperialism (when acting imperalistic for a short while might be in our best interest.) Moral relativist can get stuffed too.

Update: My post at the Captain's Quarters in full...

Dubai lost some financial interests in America. While hard feelings are understandable, true friends aren't going to let it shake them. The UAE may prove to be such a friend. Some may say they've already done so.

But I think everyone that's calling Americans phobic and racist are dead wrong. We're angry and perhaps hypersensitive to potential threats. We have reason to be. Those that know the heart of the American people don't need to be concerned with how we're perceived.

Good people in the world have a greater responsibility not to be insulted and just continue to act as good people. Anybody that believes they received such insult that they need to become one of the bad guys deserves the pending result.

Figuring out who your friends are isn't easy in this world. American's don't need to prove our friendship to the world. We act on our friendship constantly. Usually we're insulted for doing so. Yet we always act predictable in a time of need. You want to insult the American people for being stupid, go ahead. You'll be doing it without me.

There's anger, then there's righteous anger. The world made a mistake when they did not see the righteous anger that we hold after 9/11 and is continually fed by the continued acts of terrorism worldwide as well as the insensitivity of our friends. This anger will have result. Especially if any terrorist provides another trigger for it's release. Is the world afraid of America? They damn well better be.

Update: The silver lining.

The deals undone, but let's suppose foreign control of our ports was not a security threat. In any case, the American people were heard, loud and clear, "Congressman, you need to be very sensitive to anything that even smells like a security issue." Are congress critters going to make intelligent decisions? Are they going to take the time to inform the American people of the issues, truthfully and objectively?

We can hope, can't we?

Update: Other points of view.

Some strong persuasive arguments. While Michelle may have introduced this issue to me I got involved becomes I kept hearing other bloggers call American's stupid. I didn't like it. Ignorance is universal, we all have our share. I take offense when American's are called bigoted racists, even if a small minority are to some extent. This had very little if anything to do with racism, but perhaps a lot to do with ignorance. The president says, 'trust me.' The president has a duty to communicate with the American people. It's obvious to most, that he often fails at that duty. I believe he's a man of good character and I'm more likely to trust him than scores of others; however, nobody has the right to expect to be trusted when millions of lives hang in the balance. If those lives are not in jeapardy, you need to show why... trust me just doesn't do it.

This really doesn't seem to be that big a financial issue to Dubai. If they feel stabbed in the back, they can take comfort that it wasn't intentional. The American people were reacting to a perceived security threat. The fact is the only people that can get close enough to stab you in the back are your friends. America's taken it in the shoulders many times and will many times more. We just don't want to see it raised to the level of a holocaust.

Update: Somebody else saw the same silver lining I did (and as usual said it much better than I.)


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