Friday, February 03, 2006

Strategically important. We need to do this now.

Zubrin, provides the right answer and Rand immediately knocks it. Instead, I would think he would join Zubrin in exposing the fraud of the hydrogen economy.

Although ethanol is a lower energy density than gasoline (which would require larger tanks to get the same range) it returns 126% of the energy needed to produce it verses 83% efficiency for gasoline according to this Arizona Republic article.

Many people think we need less government and I'm certainly one of them (on all levels down to the local.) However, the one job the federal government is required to do is national defense. This is a defense issue. It requires strategic thinking on the scale of decades. The world, including many nations we consider as friends, hate us. China in particular is working hard to close the military gap with the U.S. It's a big gap, but it doesn't need to be entirely closed before China decides they are willing to move militarily against our interests. This may not lead to a direct war, but it could.

Back to the energy issue. Flex fuel vehicles can be produced which use any mixture of gasoline and ethanol from zero to 100%. The same with methanol and perhaps even an ethanol/methanol/gasoline mix. Probably the best way to encourage manufacturer to produce cars (which they do already for other countries), for gas stations to provide pumps and for consumers to buy those cars is by tax relief. This is certainly within the pervue of the government. I mean drastic tax reduction to eliminate any added expense so that business can get right to it.

The gasoline pumps won't go away. Flex fuel vehicles will continue to use gas when ethanol is not available. Older vehicles will continue to have a suppy of pumps. We can do this. We've already started but we need to make it a priority. If we do, probably few will realize the crisis we've perhaps avoided, but who cares? Just as long as we do it.


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