Thursday, January 12, 2006

This is an old post by Russ and he doesn't make the issue as clear as usual but I've decided to make it new again in this post because it's so important.

The result of centralization of power is destructive in my view. The single most important principle the founding fathers seemed to follow was decentralization of power. We often get this centralization as the result of screaming by moonbat idiotarians that haven't had a rational thought in decades and the complacency of elected officials that should know better but haven't developed the spine needed to support rational convictions against an onslaught of mindless critics.

It's too bad they don't understand that making things 'fair' actually makes things worse for almost everybody. People used to understand that monopolies were bad, but now they don't. Instead they justify them. Why is everyone so afraid of fighting for principles? It's the only fight that is actually worth fighting.


Blogger Russell said...

Market monopolies aren't bad in and of themselves. They're only bad when they charge monopoly prices (restricting output and charging more so they can get higher profits).

Government-created monopolies, on the other hand, are not good. They can't be well-run because they don't have to answer to the marketplace.

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