Friday, November 25, 2005

Parting Company with Libertarians

It's the drugs. The idea that drugs only hurt the people that use them is false. Perhaps a good Libertarian wouldn't be affected by a sibling that overdosed or drove a car into a building because they were drunk, but it does seem to affect most families negatively.

I tend to think of myself as a capitalist without capital, but this said I'm something else.

I'm not a big fan of preemptive laws... Laws designed to babysit people because they might do something wrong. On the other hand, I wish citizenship meant something and that harmful acts of one citizen against another should have the possibity of revoking citizenship. Violent acts (beyond bare hands and yelling) by non-citizens against anybody should result in immediate deportation. My wife is a legal immigrant. Immigration is part of what makes this country great. I just think it should be controlled more than it is (some would say it's anarchy now.)

I don't care who hates America, as long as they don't cause destruction in America.

I believe in freedom of speech... even lying, hate filled speech against one's own country which is deplorable. But when you repeat a seditious lie for mass consumption, you should be putting your citizenship at risk at the very least.

It's tough when somebody tries to put you into a box... me, I like to think I'm a rabid, whacko, extremist, with a love for people and truth. I think the bad guys need to be marginalized if not destroyed. I find I don't love the bad guys much.

Update: What an incoherent rant. I must have been on drugs. About time I read this guys book.


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