Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Have you felt the presence of his noodly appendage?

Now this certainly qualifies as an UNCOMMON INSIGHT.

Generally I have a low regard for ridicule when legitimate issues are being raised, but this is too funny. I assume that most people think that "Intelligent Design" is a thinly veiled way of introducing creation into public schools and I tend to agree with that viewpoint. If true, it certainly doesn't belong in a science class, but then most of what's taught as evolution theory doesn't belong there either.

Science in schools should teach students how to observe and reason using the scientific method. Regardless of what a person chooses to do as an adult in life, they should understand the basics of reasonable logical thinking. Schools generally fall far short of that mark. Perhaps they should start by teaching law and what constitutes evidence?

They should also teach about fallacies so people can recognize them. The pasta lord includes a fun example of that as well, argh!


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