Friday, July 08, 2005

Thugs never change.

It's thugs that use bombs, this time in London. It reminds me of another time. I was in high school at the time and had a strange thought... "is this the death of journalism?" I later learned he had a brother.

I don't know why this event always stuck with me? But I compare it to today's car bombings in Iraq. I see Saddam as a type of Mafia thug. I think of Bin Laden as a type of twisted thug (who thinks he's Harry Seldon) and imagines he can predict the future in his twisted wishful fantasy (Al Queda apparently means Foundation.)

Journalist today don't do journalism. Journalism is not about asking people how they feel because of some tragedy. It's about digging and exposing facts... It's certainly not some form of entertainment and media ratings are not the point.

It's one of the reason web logs give me hope. The people that write blogs all have their own personal reasons. Within some bloggers beat the heart of people that want to expose the truth and now they can. I'll be reading.


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