Sunday, May 15, 2005

What's a Multiverse?

Karl asked me, "And what's this about the 'multiverse'? Not a standard physics concept and even if it were, how does this result in a feeble attempt to "deny" the existence of a god or gods? I am confused."

In reply to my statement, "The Matrix, for instance, is a movie crying to be rewritten. In the multiverse (a ridiculous attempt by physicists to deny the existance of God) I can imagine some truly great plot diversions."

A good place to start might be the wikipedia. In particular the many worlds theory.

So I'd have to say, yes it is a standard physics concept. Now the second point, how is this an attempt to deny god's existance (feeble or otherwise?) That's because honest hearted scientists have noted that a multitude (quite a large amount) of physical parameters must be precise (to an extreme degree) for life to exist at all.

The solution to this conundrum for some is that the parameters are what they are because if they weren't we would not exist to measure them. But even given that fact, an infinite number of universes are required to make the statistical obsurdity of life (without God to control matters) a possibility.

And that's about it folks.


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