Thursday, May 12, 2005

A New Hope

In 1977 it was awesome. Next week an era will come to a close. Star Wars will be over... Although, if money is yet to be made, they ain't gonna let the fat lady anywhere near the stage.

But actually, my new hope is that I may write a blog worth reading. I'm actually not ready yet, but just want this page started... just so it will nag me to do something with it.

Sometimes I feel the need to comment on something I've read, but to add a zillion words to someone elses blog comments seems to me to be in very poor taste. Instead I will put my thoughts here (with the hope that anyone out there may rip it to shreds.) I'm a great believer in the idea that genuine criticism (as opposed to bogus slander) can greatly benefit the recipient. Happily, I have a thick (fireproof) skin.

My theme will be the insights of others... Particularly if I find them well expressed. Insights, of course, are more than simple observations. An insight is the revelation of a hidden truth. I like the simple truth, but sometimes it's not readily apparent and often counter-intuative. My hope is to recognize it when I see it; to share it; and perhaps tear it apart and look at it from other angles. Nothing is sacred.

Bloggers are like a family and I find I have warm feelings for many when I read their thoughts. I like people. I even like people that are not very likeable. As a matter of fact, if you put many of the people I love into a single room it would be the match that lights off the next world war... really, I have such eclectic taste in friends. I hope that whether you agree with my thoughts or not, we can be friends. Can you have too many friends? I think not! BTW, can I borrow a few bucks until...

Some thoughts may be expressed with laser like focus. But I'm really not an essayist and I will ramble. Oh well, that's me. Thanks for all the fish... 42!


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